Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Basket full of curliques!

Over the past couple of months, I've been crocheting the heck out of a pattern by Vanna White called "curlique" or "potato chip" scarves.  I found the design in a little pattern book that I bought at Michael's on how to crochet a scarf and then discovered several renditions of it at the Vanna's Choice site on the Lion Brand yarn web site.  All I can say is that I LOVE making this scarf!  It stitches up very quickly and is super easy to do - if you can chain and double crochet, you've got it covered!

Generally, I can whip up the spiral crochet scarf in one night, which is about 2-3 hours of watching television while crocheting.  On a rainy weekend after errands are ran, I can usually do 2 or 3 scarves. If nothing else, this scarf makes you feel productive!

Although I like Vanna's Choice yarn, I find myself moving toward the Loops & Threads Impeccable.  It's a bit firmer yarn, and for the price, it is a better value.  The Vanna's Choice solids are 170 yards where as the Impeccable is 268 yards - almost 100 yards more!  Usually, they run about the same price, depending upon what type of sale is going on, but the Impeccable is distributed by Michael's, so I don't think you would find it at WalMart or JoAnne's as you can the Vanna's Choice.

So far, I've made 8 scarves using this crochet scarf pattern and will probably make many more.  I wear one alone, but the nice thing is you can wear two that coordinate in color together.  The spirals wrap within each other giving a really nice look.  When I make more, I plan to experiment with the length - 143 stitches is not really long, although I am able to tie mine in a loose knot and being 5'2", it still works for me. For someone taller or with a longer torso, it might be too short.

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