Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello Kitty Crochet Purse

The Hello Kitty Crochet Purse for girls is a perfect for your little one who loves Hello Kitty!  My sister suggested making Hello Kitty items since they are so popular these days.  Being a mom of two boys, I was leaning more towards Angry Birds, camouflage crochet scarves, and Pokeball hats, so the idea of getting to work with anything pink was exciting to me!

I started looking for existing pattens and found several that I liked different portions of, but I didn't find a pattern that I liked everything.  So, as we all do, I set off to come up with my own pattern!  I combined what I learned about making my cotton crochet tote bags and crochet shopping bags on how to crochet in the round.  Starting with the white yarn, I crocheted several rounds for the bottom of the bag with a basic single crochet.  Next, I did a row of half double crochet - my new favorite stitch!  The remaining rows were the half double crochet in the space below between the stitches - this gives the purse more of a woven look.  Finally, I finished it off with just a slip stitch border.

As for the other elements - strap, ears, eyes, nose, bow, and whiskers, I used the patterns from a couple of different sites, namely Crochet Creative Creations and Crochet in Color.  There are not too many different ways to make these crocheted features, and I believe both of these sites have patterns that are very similar.

I started writing up the tutorial for the crochet purse portion of my Hello Kitty purse, but need to test it one more time before I publish it.  In the meantime, I will be offering crochet Hello Kitty purses for sale in my Knots-n-Knits Online Store in the next few days.

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