Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crocheted Tote Bags

Last summer, I found a pattern for creating crocheted market bags - you know the kind that are mesh-like for carrying home your groceries. I made two of these, but didn't love the look. If you don't love the look, it makes it hard to make something! I found another pattern that was more of a tote bag and used the idea of how to create the bottom of the bag from the market bag pattern and the how to do the remainder of the bag from the tote bag pattern and this is the result!

These bags were crocheted using Sugar and Cream cotton yarn in a variety of fashionable colors! On the original bag (the variegated blue/green yarn) I made, I actually "messed up" - instead of half double crocheting between the stitches, I just half double crocheted, making the bag slightly larger. For the second two bags, I actually watched a YouTube video on what half double crochet between the stitches meant and made this adjustment. Since then, I use the half double crochet between the stitches for all of my bags - it makes for such a sturdy woven stitch!

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