Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

My running shoesEvery year I try to make at least one or two resolutions of things that I want to change.  Sometimes I go big, sometimes not so big.  This year, my two resolutions are to post more to my blog and to run at least 3 miles every other day.  So far, I've not been too good about those resolutions, but I am trying to get back on top of it.

Running has started again ... and boy, am I feeling it!  But, it's a good kind of ache that means I am getting back into shape.  I am signed up to run a half-marathon on St. Patrick's Day, so it is super important that I take time to run now.  So, for that resolution, I am back on track and hope to stay there!

For my blog posting, I just realized that it's been a month since I last posted!  Yikes!  Just because I am not posting doesn't mean I am not crocheting ... I've been working on a lot of new projects, mostly in the evenings, usually when I should be running.  I do plan to post what I've been up to in the coming days - yes, not weeks!

Today, I set up my Knots-n-Knits YouTube channel and you can find two tutorials that I created this morning to go along with a couple of patterns that I will post shortly.  Making a tutorial of yourself crocheting is quite tricky ... I started with one camera - an older Sony - but the crispness of the images just wasn't there, nor could I get the angle correct. I eventually pulled out our newer, much smaller Sony Handycam and got it on the first run through (of course, I'd already done the tutorial three times with the older camera, so I had it down).  I think the tutorials turned out nice ... no Oscar winning performances, but hopefully something that people will find useful.  I plan to add more tutorials next weekend - I have to film during the day and since I get home late from work (and then have to run), there isn't much daylight at this time of the year.  

So, back on track for those resolutions and more to come with my latest projects this week!