Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crocheted Triangle Fringed Scarves

Wow!  Have you missed me? 
Believe it or not, I HAVE been crocheting ... just not blogging about it!

Spring was filled with crocheting triangle fringed scarves ... about a dozen or so!  I bought (and love, I might add!) the book "Crochet Boutique" by Rachel Oglesby and fell in love with her pattern for the triangle fringed scarf! 

Here is one in Caron's Charcoal Grey:

And another in Caron's Blueberry:

And another in Caron's Soft Pink:

Can you see a pattern here?  I am really falling in love with the Caron Simply Soft yarn.  When I first started working with the "soft" yarns I absolutely hated them - the yarn would split, making it more challenging to crochet with.  Now, I have <almost> used up my stash of the Caron Simply Soft and I am planning on only buying "soft" yarns from here on out ... unless there is one heck of a good sale on another kind - like almost free!

Check out Rachel's book if you're interested in this pattern ... it is money well spent!

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  1. Can I just get the pattern for the scarf? Don't care for any of the hat patterns :(